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Updates on the Emerging Reality

I spend a fair amount of time maintaining vigilance on the planetary journey on numerous levels. I try to stay somewhat cognizant of new developments in spiritual work, economic conditions, new social forms, visionary ideas, climatic changes and so on. I particularly watch for indications that, as the title of my book says, we are […]

Never Separated

Never Separated I was hiking through a forest last summer and delighting in the beauty surrounding me. At one point my attention focused in on the leaves on the trees and a few thoughts came to mind. Perhaps you’ll take a little mind ride with me here and consider the existence of a leaf for […]

Cannabis for Problem Solving

Some reading this might think titling a post “Cannabis for Problem Solving” is laughable. The plant has been described as a performance degrader by some investigators and of course has been the subject of endless jokes making fun of it’s dumbing-down, ‘dopey’ effects. Even using the word “dope” for cannabis is enough to cast serious aspersions on its intelligence-enhancing capabilities. You […]

Cannabis: Thinking vs Thinking

Cannabis: Thinking Vs Thinking For the sake of making a point, I’ll suggest that there are two very different kinds of thinking. Although the principle could apply to the way we use—and are used by—our thinking minds in general, in this post I’m applying it to working with cannabis. Compulsive Thinking One kind of thinking […]

Cannabis in Your Practice – Becca Williams

Cannabis in Your Practice – Becca Williams was offered up by Becca at my invitation. There are many ways to talk about working with cannabis for spiritual benefit. My intention with the Cannabis and Spirituality project is to include some of those varying voices. Becca’s guidance is based on long experience with intentional use of cannabis in […]

Cannabis Overdose?

Note: This post, “Cannabis Overdose?” is a follow-up from a related post at cannabisandspirituality.com called “The Secret to Optimal Cannabis Dosage.” *** Overdose? Or Inability to Handle Amplified Experience? My family doctor doesn’t like cannabis at all. His only connection to it is through people coming to see him distressed from an “overdose.” He sees […]

Riding an Exquisite Creature

I’m riding an exquisite creature, an incredibly complex, intelligent creature. It’s not mine. I had nothing to do with its creation. It was designed for a consciousness to spend some quality time in—on loan you might say. My responsibility, or at least the invitation and gift offered to me, is to learn how to ride […]

Reflections on the “Therapeutic” Qualities of Cannabis

Reflections on the “Therapeutic” Qualities of Cannabis started as an email message from an enquiring mind to several of his friends. For this purpose the philosophically inclined investigator is going by the handle “K.L.” As a side note, I have to restrain myself from railing here about the woeful ignorance that keeps a remarkable plant illegal […]

Jason Silva: Cognitive Thrills Await Us.

Have you heard of Jason Silva yet? You have now and a lot of people not reading this will know about him before long. Jason is unusually bright and articulate. He definitely has the gift of the gab. He makes intelligent and entertaining youtube videos in which he does rants on great topics, a number of them on […]