Music by Composer and Musician Stephan Gray

one_world_mandalaOne World Mandala
Released in 2008

Healing, transcendent, spacious tapestries of sound with keyboards, guitars, voices, sacred chants, and field recordings. third in a series to empower and accompany individual and group work in yoga, massage, meditation, visualization, creative inspiration . . . and pure enjoyment.

open_pathThe Open Path
Released in 2004

The follow-up to The Secret Gate, the music of the Open Path continues in a similar vein, transporting the listener to altered landscapes of emotional depth, peace, and great beauty. Many find these pieces to be very visual. Both CD’s are popular with yoga teachers, massage therapists, body workers etc. as healing and relaxing accompaniment. Closer listening reveals layers and subleties not always heard on first listening.

secret_gateThe Secret Gate

My intention with “The Secret Gate” has been to create big and beautiful spaces—to transport listeners to another world, or simply to have a beautiful and uplifting experience while listening. Ranging from 5 to 7 minutes in length, the pieces are miniature symphonies, evolving and developing. Some come full circle and some just keep on going with each new section.

What People Are Saying

“Our weekly meditation group has used a variety of music to meditate with over the past year. Stephen Keary’s ‘The Secret Gate’; seems to have provided the deep Theta state we have been searching for. Well done, Stephen!! ” —Lorinda Weatherall, meditation instructor and owner of Fooda Buddha Wellness Centre and Cafe.

“I’ve been doing my yoga with it every morning. I play the whole CD. I love every piece.” —Marcelle Armitage, North Vancouver B.C., visual artist.

Keary’s CDs playing in the background during the yoga classes at my studio have proven time and time again to be ideal for setting a very relaxing atmosphere. I wouldn’t be without them! —Gail Leslie (owner of the Dancing Cat Yoga Centre, New Westminster, BC.

“It’s beautiful, it’s us.” —Cindy, buyer for The Omega Centre, Toronto, Ont.