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    Moderator’s Note: “From Moment to Moment: Cannabis Awakenings” is a guest post from Michael Peterson. Sky An open day, perfect for this. Sunshine, nothing on my agenda, nothing on my mind that I need to attend to, all afternoon and evening for myself. I get out of the car and start slowly walking […]

Many Benefits of Cannabis

  “Many Benefits of Cannabis” is my title for a section of a submission that a friend of mine made to the cannabis legalization commission in British Columbia, Canada. Cannabis is due to be made legal in Canada by July 2018. Each province and territory is charged with coming up with its own laws and […]

Quick Guide to Cannabis as a Spiritual Ally

I’ve been prompted to write this “Quick Guide to Cannabis as a Spiritual Ally” because I’m seeing more and more people interested in making use of the sacred herb in that way, some of whom have been “cannabis friendly” for years and others of whom are what some in the field are now calling “cannabis […]

They Call Her Santa Maria

They Call Her Santa Maria. Who is “They?” In the context of the story that follows, “they” is a group of people I know who treat cannabis as a sacred plant. They hold great respect for her, and, for the most part as I’ve observed them, meet her in carefully considered “settings”—as in “set and setting.” […]

Thoughts are Prayers – for Better or Worse

Thoughts Are Prayers This topic, “Thoughts are Prayers – for Better or Worse,” is what you might call the “and Spirituality” side of Cannabis and Spirituality—not directly about cannabis except that with skillful intention and attention, the holy herb can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and understanding in meditative contexts. I’ve been aware of this general principle for a […]

Experience and Perseverance

Awakening with Cannabis: Experience & Perseverance I have no wish to judge anyone for their preferred ways of using cannabis. It’s just that I’ve occasionally seen through the veils and found myself in an exquisite inner landscape that only reveals itself when I’m giving the plant my undivided attention. Breathing becomes deeper and more expansive. Muscles relax, the […]

Cannabis for Problem Solving

Some reading this might think titling a post “Cannabis for Problem Solving” is laughable. The plant has been described as a performance degrader by some investigators and of course has been the subject of endless jokes making fun of it’s dumbing-down, ‘dopey’ effects. Even using the word “dope” for cannabis is enough to cast serious aspersions on its intelligence-enhancing capabilities. You […]

Cannabis: Thinking vs Thinking

Cannabis: Thinking Vs Thinking For the sake of making a point, I’ll suggest that there are two very different kinds of thinking. Although the principle could apply to the way we use—and are used by—our thinking minds in general, in this post I’m applying it to working with cannabis. Compulsive Thinking One kind of thinking […]

Cannabis Overdose?

Note: This post, “Cannabis Overdose?” is a follow-up from a related post at called “The Secret to Optimal Cannabis Dosage.” *** Overdose? Or Inability to Handle Amplified Experience? My family doctor doesn’t like cannabis at all. His only connection to it is through people coming to see him distressed from an “overdose.” He sees […]

Riding an Exquisite Creature

I’m riding an exquisite creature, an incredibly complex, intelligent creature. It’s not mine. I had nothing to do with its creation. It was designed for a consciousness to spend some quality time in—on loan you might say. My responsibility, or at least the invitation and gift offered to me, is to learn how to ride […]