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How to Make Cannabis E-Juice at Home

“How to Make Cannabis E juice at Home” is a guest post submitted by Jessica Cam Learning to make Cannabis E-juice can be a very simple process provided you learn from the right source, though the process can get a little complex as you try refining it. Here’s an easy to understand, comprehensive step-by-step guide […]

Experiencing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Presence Within

Experiencing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Presence Within is a guest post written by Alexander T. S. Kuhn “Angels Dressed in White” We stepped foot in Loreto a few weeks back during our trip to Italy.  I was there with family, my extended Scottish Sinclair clan on an excursion to see sites with our Italian counterparts. Throughout […]

From Moment to Moment: Cannabis Awakenings

    Moderator’s Note: “From Moment to Moment: Cannabis Awakenings” is a guest post from Michael Peterson. Sky An open day, perfect for this. Sunshine, nothing on my agenda, nothing on my mind that I need to attend to, all afternoon and evening for myself. I get out of the car and start slowly walking […]

The Win-Win Combination of Eastern Spiritual Mysticism and Psychedelic Medicinal Plants

The Win-Win Combination of Eastern Spiritual Mysticism and Psychedelic Medicinal Plants* Win-win for whom? For both seasoned yogis or meditators as well as modern-day psychonauts frowning at any traditional spirituality. In order to supercharge their spiritual journey, both of these crowds would have to reconsider their beaten paths and open their minds to approaches outside […]

Cannabis is a Psychedelic

Editor’s Note: “Cannabis is a Psychedelic” is the first of what I hope will blossom into numerous personal accounts of spiritual experiences and learnings with cannabis. This one indicates the power of the plant and the need for understanding how to channel that power and how to bring the experiences back into the daily walk. […]

Many Benefits of Cannabis

  “Many Benefits of Cannabis” is my title for a section of a submission that a friend of mine made to the cannabis legalization commission in British Columbia, Canada. Cannabis is due to be made legal in Canada by July 2018. Each province and territory is charged with coming up with its own laws and […]

Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

Editor’s Note: “Cannabis is a Gateway Drug” is a guest post on cannabisandspirituality.com by James W. Jesso. James is one of the articulate and passionate younger spokespeople working to help with the urgently needed consciousness transformation on our beleaguered planet through the wise use of entheogens/pychedelics. James does very interesting interviews with leading figures in […]

Stillness, Nada Yoga, and Cannabis Consciousness

Stillness, Nada Yoga, and Cannabis Consciousness by Ron Dewhurst “Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.”1 Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927)   Inner Stillness: The New Ancient Wisdom As we evolve our […]

Is There a Spirit of Cannabis?

A Wealth of Testimony “Is there a spirit of cannabis?” It’s an interesting question. First a disclaimer. Although there have been numerous hints, signs, messages and unusual occurrences in my encounters with the herb, I still wouldn’t feel right in making the claim that I’ve personally experienced anything I would definitively describe as a spirit or […]