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The Shamanic Drum, The Sacred Circle, & The Cannabis Ally – by Ron Dewhurst.

Editor’s Note on “The Shamanic Drum, The Sacred Circle, & The Cannabis Ally” by Ron Dewhurst: I’ve been encouraging people to build strength in the vision for the skillful use of cannabis as a spiritual ally by contributing essays and testimonials like this one. It’s exciting to see more and more examples of this and heartening to envision a time in the not too distant future when there are many groups and individuals around the world working successfully with our ancient friend and ally. – Stephen

A Sacred Relationship

For many years during prohibition I have been leading shamanic drumming circles with the plant ally cannabis. It has been closed circles due to the oppressive forces, but, finally as the plant ally becomes accepted we can now open up these circles and this wisdom to everyone. In ancient times of our ancestors the ceremonial fire sacrifice of this ally was celebrated as the most revered and sacred relationship that humans could have with this beneficial spirit. It was with respect and clear intent of use they approached this relationship for the greatest benefit of all. Cannabis Scholars like Chris Bennett and Christian Ratsch have also concluded that it is the creation of this harmonious spiritual alignment with the cannabis ally that creates the greatest healing effects.

Drumming and the Ceremonial Circle

Shamanic drumming is a musical and rhythmic tradition that spans thousands of years and instruments were first created for this use. It is used for healing, transporting the soul to the inner world, calling helping spirits and taking the participants on a sacred journey. One of the key elements of the ceremony is the creation of the ceremonial circle which represents the hoop of life and is critical to connect to the spirit and oneness of everything. Within this circle, the participants create a container, a sacred space that will hold the spiritual energy. The drumming and rattling multiplies the energy on a multi-dimensional level simultaneously and then builds a spiritual power than cannot be achieved by the individual alone. To compliment the sacred circle the cannabis ally is invited into the shamanic drumming circle by the keeper and there this powerful plant spirit can be summoned by the experienced facilitator to open the circle to even deeper and more energetic levels of consciousness.

Exploring New Dimensions

This symbiotic spiritual relationship impacts the sacred space and the energy that is contained within it to new archetypal levels of energetic and spiritual power with the Ally’s help. The keeper can guide this energy with sound as a carrier to a specific intent or outcome that has been decided by the circle. It is one of the core beliefs of shamanism that the music calls the helping spirits and transports the sacred circle participants on their journey. Many present beliefs about using cannabis emerge from the social conditioning and public perception of people who abuse and disrespect the ally in order to avoid personal and social issues by reality disassociation. For our ceremonies we intentionally attract individuals who are spiritually and mentally ready and have a sense of where they want to go so they can explore new dimensions of spiritual experience by employing various sacred tools and practices that we embrace with clear intent. The same experiences that have formed the core of shamanic, human and plant relationships which have existed for thousands of years for healing and symbiotic evolution. We, as sacred circle keepers, see this evolution, unfoldment and growth of small shamanic circles with the guidance of the plant allies as the catalyst of change needed to cure the spiritual illness that besets our planet and our commons.”

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