The Win-Win Combination of Eastern Spiritual Mysticism and Psychedelic Medicinal Plants

The Win-Win Combination of Eastern Spiritual Mysticism and Psychedelic Medicinal Plants* Win-win for whom? For both seasoned yogis or meditators as well as modern-day psychonauts frowning at any traditional spirituality. In order to supercharge their spiritual journey, both of these crowds would have to reconsider their beaten paths and open their minds to approaches outside […]

They’re Waiting for Us (to return to our senses)

They’re Waiting for Us (to return to our senses) I had recently made a few notes with this title “They’re Waiting for Us” in mind. It feels like a developing “meme” (I hope that’s a sufficiently charged word for it) that is beginning to gain a stronger foothold in the consciousness of people in the […]

Thoughts are Prayers – for Better or Worse

Thoughts Are Prayers This topic, “Thoughts are Prayers – for Better or Worse,” is what you might call the “and Spirituality” side of Cannabis and Spirituality—not directly about cannabis except that with skillful intention and attention, the holy herb can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and understanding in meditative contexts. I’ve been aware of this general principle for a […]

A Good Way to Teach

If you’ve read Returning to Sacred World you probably recall a number of references to and quotes from Kanucas, a spiritual elder in the Native American Church (NAC). Kanucas was my first contact with the NAC in 2003 and in the years since I’ve had a lot of interaction with him. Returning to Sacred World […]

(Imaginary) Interview With God

Don’t worry, I’m not turning into a megalomaniac or a fire-and-brimstone preacher claiming to have a direct line to a personal God. What follows is a somewhat playful but nonetheless sincere attempt to imagine what such a conversation might entail on issues of planetary and personal consciousness transformation. It contains direct and indirect references to […]

Signs of Awakening

  Signs of Awakening: I’m going out on a limb with this topic and perhaps risking accusations—including from myself—of hubris. A long history of practice and study, however dubious at times in its effectiveness, has brought me to a place where I believe I know a little about whether one’s spiritual work is having the […]

Crop Circles: A Beautiful Enigma

At the risk of being filed by some readers under F for flake, I feel compelled to address the issue of crop circles, with this title “Crop Circles: A Beautiful Enigma.” It’s just too bizarre and mysterious to ignore. Most people have by now heard of these crop formations—”circles” doesn’t begin to describe most of them—and most […]

Principles of the Paradigm Revolution

  Principles of the Paradigm Revolution: A ‘Manifesto’ I suspect that if you’ve found your way here it’s abundantly clear to you that the juggernaut of the current dominant paradigm is not going much further on this planet. That conceptual framework has at its core the belief that the material realm is all there is […]

Never Separated

Never Separated I was hiking through a forest last summer and delighting in the beauty surrounding me. At one point my attention focused in on the leaves on the trees and a few thoughts came to mind. Perhaps you’ll take a little mind ride with me here and consider the existence of a leaf for […]

Riding an Exquisite Creature

I’m riding an exquisite creature, an incredibly complex, intelligent creature. It’s not mine. I had nothing to do with its creation. It was designed for a consciousness to spend some quality time in—on loan you might say. My responsibility, or at least the invitation and gift offered to me, is to learn how to ride […]