Psychedelic Prohibition: Help End It – Mark Haden

The suggestions in this post were written and compiled by Mark Haden and offer some great ideas for how all of us engaged in any aspect of work with entheogenic substances can help end psychedelic prohibition. Oh, you thought you were at a website or Facebook group called Cannabis and Spirituality? Well, you very well may be, but it’s all […]

Is Cannabis Addictive?

Is Cannabis addictive? The short and not fully instructive answer is “No”,  at least not in the bio-chemical sense that substances like alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, and any number of legal and widely used (and aggressively pushed) pharmaceutical drugs are. Of course casual mention of the concept of addiction will commonly lead people to refer to anything […]

Cannabis and the Universal Spirit of Love – Floyd Salas

  “Cannabis and the Universal Spirit of Love” is an appropriate encapsulation for this reference to Floyd Salas. Also included below is a very short excerpt of his writing that he offered to me for purposes like this. Floyd is one of the dozen or so contributors to the forthcoming (It’s going to be a while yet so […]

Tony Vigorito: Nine Kinds of Brilliant

Tony Vigorito is a young(ish?) novelist. His novel Nine Kinds of Naked is a delightful read and loaded with brilliant quotable lines on the nature of spiritual reality. Hence this post. Considering this site is about cannabis and spirituality, I should point out that I have no knowledge of the author’s relationship with entheogenic substances other than […]