Cannabis and Spirituality: Freedom not Control.

Freedom not Control He who drinks bhang drinks Shiva. The soul in whom the spirit of bhang finds a home glides into the ocean of Being freed from the weary round of matter-blinded self.- J.M. Campbell There are various ways to delineate different character types and different drives in human experience. Perhaps the most fundamental—and arguably […]

Strains Matter: From Cannabis sativa to Cannabis indica

Strains Matter? Well . . . maybe the situation isn’t quite as dramatic as the phrase “strains matter” implies, but there are different energy characteristics along the Cannabis sativa to Cannabis indica continuum. One of the best aspects of the rapid spread of cannabis legalization underway is that the knowledge banks are receiving generous deposits these days […]

Book Contributors to Cannabis and Spirituality

For the Cannabis and Spirituality book project I’ve felt it important to bring in voices from a variety of contemporary and traditional practices and ways of understanding the deeper potentials of wise use of cannabis. Seventeen leading voices with deep knowledge of cannabis as a spiritual and creative ally have graciously consented to write chapters […]

Cannabis Meditation: Intention and Focus

And human love will be seen at its height.    Live in fragments no longer. Only connect. — E.M. Forster    There can be a wide variety of cannabis meditation practices and detailed methods for spiritual awakening. In general, there are what are often described as emptiness or formless practices at one end of a […]