Cannabis And Spirituality

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Cannabis is a truly ancient plant, an inhabitant of planet Earth long before the appearance of us “two-leggeds” and since our arrival a close companion with a great variety of gifts for humanity, from the most tangible and material to the most intangible and spiritual.

After a period of misunderstanding, neglect, and suppression of this remarkable plant, we are now seeing a renaissance of knowledge and respect for our ancient friend and ally. But as cannabis becomes increasingly normalized and legalized, and as so many more of us develop a beneficial relationship with it, one of cannabis’ greatest gifts—some would say its most powerful capability—has not yet received much attention and understanding in this era of renewal.

Though you may find it surprising or even difficult to accept, the underappreciated truth of the matter is that in optimal conditions—what’s sometimes called good set and setting—cannabis most definitely has the ability to help a great many of us awaken from illusion and “get real” as wisdom carriers might say.

That’s what is about—sharing information and inspiration to help widen and deepen the understanding and application of cannabis’ great potential as a spiritual ally. You could think of this website as a coordinating center for a variety of forms of communication and interaction on this timely and important subject.

Not least of those channels of communication is a book titled “Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally.” (Inner Traditions • Park Street Press, Dec. 2016). The book builds on foundations of the past and present and points directly to the future of humanity’s spiritual relationship with cannabis. It includes seventeen wise and knowledgeable voices from various perspectives.

Cannabis is sometimes referred to as the people’s plant. Ultimately, no one owns the information. It’s up to all of us who get it on some level to contribute to a saner, more sustainable planet, beginning with our own consciousness transformation and by natural extension our compassionate and creative engagement with the world. Used wisely—a central concern throughout this project—cannabis can help. Read on.

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