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Experiencing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Presence Within

Experiencing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Presence Within is a guest post written by Alexander T. S. Kuhn

“Angels Dressed in White”

We stepped foot in Loreto a few weeks back during our trip to Italy.  I was there with family, my extended Scottish Sinclair clan on an excursion to see sites with our Italian counterparts. Throughout the past year I had been learning more and more about my family’s clan history in relation to the Knights Templar, which was how I found myself in Loreto with some like-minded history enthusiasts.  We were there to see the Basilica della Santa Casa, a 16thcentury late Gothic style church that is known for enshrining the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary within its centre.  The legend goes that four “angels dressed in white” flew the house to Loreto, which our local man on the ground believed was alluding to the Templars.  It was a beautiful sunny day, young students apparently on a day trip to the site, nuns and other male disciples of the church lingering in the area and other tourists taking photographs and taking in the unique layout of the town.

The first thing I noticed was the statue out front whose face bore much of the same features as mine with a bit more of a downturned nose.  This was a sign to me.  One thing that was standing out more and more as I made my way through Italy was that I had one of these red beards that splits down the middle, which I was seeing all over the walls and windows of cathedrals but did not see among the local Italians.  We had travelled to a handful of sacred sites throughout our trip and another point that stood out to me was the energetic effect of the places we went to where the pope had been known to stay at times.  These places often had imported volcanic stone tiles set upon a mount, the first clue of the potential technology that I can only infer ancient cultures knew more about.  These spots gave me a noticeable increase in energetic sensation, my gut and lower spine started to slightly tingle.  As I noticed the signs of increasing energetic activity building throughout the days I know through past experience that I had to slow down on my pork and red wine consumption if I was to make sense of what these effects were building towards.

I have some experience with sacred sites; just enough to pick up on what is often necessary to connect with and experience the magic that often lies dormant to those who haven’t awakened to the extra dimensions that life can play in to.  I was born with both a heightened instinct and certain rare sensitivities.  Walking around the Basilica I started to notice that my focus was being pulled in certain directions.  I tried to carry myself lightly enough to notice when I was consciously controlling myself and when I was being ‘influenced’ in one direction or another. The stained glass held imagery that I understood to be some of the encoded symbolic elements of Christ’s teaching, such as the large tree apparently stemming from the midsection of what appeared to be the Lord God.  The Tree of Life.  After noticing some other peculiarities amongst the art, I made my way in to her abode. I felt a gentleness to my mind that was reminiscent of the last time I encountered a holy relic that ended up pulling me in to a meditative state—a truly and profoundly divine first hand experience that I still cherish.  This however did not seem to want to go in that same direction and did not come on with the energetic force I understood to be possible.  But it did give me an idea…

Santa Maria, the Virgin Mary and cannabis

Some Powerful Assistance

Walking back out through the courtyard I was fortunate enough to have my handheld vaporizer with me along with some locally sourced high CBD cannabis (which had recently been legalized in Italy and that I had bought from a vending machine in Montefiascone) as well as some homegrown Mexican sativa I had brought with me. In hindsight I realized I had the perfect combo.  Some CBD to keep me somewhat grounded and balance out the supremely uplifting effect that Mexican cannabis can have.  After several tokes overlooking the beautiful Italian coastline and staring off into the distance towards the enchanting hillside, I knew I was in for, well something.

The moments that followed as I went back in to the Basilica are nearly impossible to do justice with words as I felt her presence all around me the instant I came through the first door in to the Basilica.  She was teaching me about myself.  Something that makes a lot of sense to me given the deep existential flavouring that has pervaded my experience of life.  I made my way swiftly to her chamber in the centre and upon entering began to have one of the most psychedelic experiences I’ve ever had. I just want to note that as an experienced user of cannabis I was not overly high, merely gently and comfortably baked to a degree that would be fair to say was more in the background of effecting me rather than strongly pronounced.

Immediately inundated with information, it was like I had a direct feed into her spirit body, or hers into mine rather.  There were others standing around in silence and so I proceeded to take my place in the middle of the room before the shrine and had what I can only really refer to as my moment with my true mother.  Much of what was revealed to me is far too personal to dictate here but had to do with the nature of my relationship to a few aspects of my life, cannabis included, because at this point it’s rather obvious I was born with a divine connection to the plant.

She was explaining to me the unique nature of how my consciousness was pre-oriented to elements of my life while I was in the womb, as if these experiences were lying dormant in my subconscious awaiting the right frequency of mind to activate them.  She was willing to tell me everything but it came on too fast for me to possibly understand in its depth and entirety, as the mind can tend to start grasping at things in such an overwhelming scenario.  In hindsight I was not nearly as ready as I could have been but I was aware that I was ready enough and able to maintain some sense of centering throughout which only added to the difficulty of mental multitasking.  I couldn’t hold back my tears as her light touched parts of me I didn’t know were there and was so overcome with emotion as she pointed out both aspects of her pride and shame over my existence.

cannabis and spirituality, Stephen Gray, sacred herb

An Exquisite Information Download

It’s hard to convey the density of information that was thrust upon me, for as soon as I became more conscious of it I would struggle to stay grounded and focused.  I believe the information came this way because I am still not fully attuned to the deeper nature that the paradigm of such information would reveal and thus I was not worthy of a more full and complete interaction.  I feel confident in declaring that an untrained mind could easily be ruined by this effect/experience.  I felt semi-enlightened for the next half hour as I walked out of her house; aware that the more I stirred my mind the less her presence was felt.  I could feel the momentum of her presence stay with me as the afternoon went on and I knew I had to spend some time with myself to simply digest and ground myself after such an intensely emotional experience.

It is very hard to accurately describe how her signal interacts with my consciousness because it appears to me as if my imagination is momentarily borrowed as it becomes the easel of our conversation.  I was still getting insight and revelations for at least the hour afterwards as my high slowly faded and with it, lost my more crisp, clearer sense of what I was enlightening to.  I credit my ability to avoid ‘attachment’ throughout the mystical experiences I’ve had as I feel that if I were to experience such a thing without the practice of letting go it would prove to be more detrimental than positive due to the fleeting nature of such experiences.  In the end, it is what it was, just an intelligent interaction with a divine spirit.

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    I appreciate your open-minded approach to exploring spirituality and its connection to cannabis. It’s refreshing to see a balanced perspective on a topic that’s often polarized. Do you think there are other spiritual practices that have similarly intricate relationships with substances like cannabis?



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