How to Make Cannabis E-Juice at Home

“How to Make Cannabis E juice at Home” is a guest post submitted by Jessica Cam

Learning to make Cannabis E-juice can be a very simple process provided you learn from the right source, though the process can get a little complex as you try refining it. Here’s an easy to understand, comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you create your own Cannabis E-juice at home.

For those who would prefer not to make their own, some companies provide pre-made e-juice. Longhorn vapor , for example, offers various e-juice flavors that are manufactured by following complete safety standards, 

Preparing the Cannabis E-juice

The whole process is presented in steps; make sure to follow the instructions carefully:


This is the process in which the THCa present in the fresh bud is transformed into psychoactive THC. For this step you need aluminium foil placed on a baking sheet. Start by crushing the bud and spreading it out over the aluminium foil. 

Turn on your oven and adjust it to low or medium heat. The temperature should be between 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 43 to 49 degrees Celsius.)  Place the baking sheet with the aluminium foil in the oven. Leave it in the oven for about fifteen minutes for the bud to dry and turn into a light brown color. Then take the baking sheet out of the oven and put the now dry weed into a jar.

Mixing the decarboxylated weed with alcohol

Now mix alcohol into the decarboxylated weed in the jar. The weed should be completely immersed in the alcohol. Take a pot and fill it with 4 cm of water. Now place the jar, containing the mixture of decarboxylated weed and alcohol, into the pot. The purpose of putting the mixture in water is to prevent the alcohol from overheating as it has a low boiling point.

Heating the mixture:

Take the pot and place it over medium heat. Make sure the area around you is well ventilated. Boiling will help in evaporating some of the alcohol. Stir the mixture continuously as it boils. As the mixture is being heated the alcohol will begin to extract THC and other goodies from the decarboxylated weed. Keep in mind that the weed should still be covered in alcohol, even if some of the alcohol gets evaporated. Make sure of this by adding more alcohol to the jar. The process is working if the liquid becomes darker.

Filtering the mixture: 

Take the pot off the heating stove, now that the liquid is of the right color. Allow the liquid to cool, take another empty jar and place a coffee filter over its mouth.  Prepare to pour the liquid into the second jar. Take the second jar containing the filtered mix and place it in the pot with the water. Re-boil the mixture over medium heat until only 5 ml of liquid remains in the jar. Use a sterilized syringe to check if it’s the right amount.

Final mixing: 

For the final step, take propylene glycol and mix it with the filtered and concentrated cannabis mixture. Adding 20 ml of propylene glycol to 5 ml filtered mixture will result in 25 ml of Cannabis E-juice. The color of the juice will change to dark green, meaning that it is ready for use. The Cannabis E-juice can always be diluted with propylene glycol or the alcohol concentration can be reduced by reheating the mixture.

Remember to always use a well-ventilated area for the process as it helps in removing the alcohol vapors from the room. Acquire the materials from a store that is a licensed provider. Take safety precautions against fire as the alcohol is highly flammable. These are necessary points you have to keep in mind while taking up a DIY Cannabis E-juice process.

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