Wanting Takes Me Away: Cannabis and Transmuting Energies

Wanting takes me away, keeps me away, bars the gates, shores up the walls of the cocoon that protects me from the crisp air of reality, dumbs me down, and dizzies and fogs me. Wanting—anything—wanting to be something or somebody; wanting to be loved or approved of; wanting to be somewhere or somewhen else; wanting more of […]

Regular Use of Marijuana in Spiritual Practice – Joan Bello

This essay, Regular Use of Marijuana in Spiritual Practice, arrives here courtesy of Joan Bello. Joan is one of the contributors to the forthcoming—or as I now joke, “eventuallycoming”—book Cannabis and Spirituality: A Guide for the Revival of an Ancient Wisdom Ally. The issue of optimal frequency of cannabis use for spiritual benefit has been on my mind for some […]