Reflections on the “Therapeutic” Qualities of Cannabis

Reflections on the “Therapeutic” Qualities of Cannabis started as an email message from an enquiring mind to several of his friends. For this purpose the philosophically inclined investigator is going by the handle “K.L.” As a side note, I have to restrain myself from railing here about the woeful ignorance that keeps a remarkable plant illegal […]

The Secret to Optimal Cannabis Dosage

The secret to optimal cannabis dosage for spiritual work is (cue the drumroll) . . .  there is no secret. Okay, that’s not quite true or I wouldn’t have bothered writing this post. There are some factors worth thinking about and some useable, flexible guidelines. For starters, the rather obvious truth is that everyone is different. Then there are […]

Jason Silva: Cognitive Thrills Await Us.

Have you heard of Jason Silva yet? You have now and a lot of people not reading this will know about him before long. Jason is unusually bright and articulate. He definitely has the gift of the gab. He makes intelligent and entertaining youtube videos in which he does rants on great topics, a number of them on […]

Cannabinoids: Regulators of Cells and Society

Cannabinoids: Regulators of Cells and Society is my ad hoc title for a few pointed references to and quotes from a very interesting and provocative paper by Robert Melamede from the University of Colorado called “Endocannabinoids: Multi-scaled, Global, Homeostatic Regulators of Cells and Society.” I’m attempting in this post to function as a non-scientist mediator for the rest […]

Wanting Takes Me Away: Cannabis and Transmuting Energies

Wanting takes me away, keeps me away, bars the gates, shores up the walls of the cocoon that protects me from the crisp air of reality, dumbs me down, and dizzies and fogs me. Wanting—anything—wanting to be something or somebody; wanting to be loved or approved of; wanting to be somewhere or somewhen else; wanting more of […]

Regular Use of Marijuana in Spiritual Practice – Joan Bello

This essay, Regular Use of Marijuana in Spiritual Practice, arrives here courtesy of Joan Bello. Joan is one of the contributors to the forthcoming—or as I now joke, “eventuallycoming”—book Cannabis and Spirituality: A Guide for the Revival of an Ancient Wisdom Ally. The issue of optimal frequency of cannabis use for spiritual benefit has been on my mind for some […]

Is Cannabis Addictive?

Is Cannabis addictive? The short and not fully instructive answer is “No”,  at least not in the bio-chemical sense that substances like alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, and any number of legal and widely used (and aggressively pushed) pharmaceutical drugs are. Of course casual mention of the concept of addiction will commonly lead people to refer to anything […]

Cannabis and the Universal Spirit of Love – Floyd Salas

  “Cannabis and the Universal Spirit of Love” is an appropriate encapsulation for this reference to Floyd Salas. Also included below is a very short excerpt of his writing that he offered to me for purposes like this. Floyd is one of the dozen or so contributors to the forthcoming (It’s going to be a while yet so […]

Strains Matter: From Cannabis sativa to Cannabis indica

Strains Matter? Well . . . maybe the situation isn’t quite as dramatic as the phrase “strains matter” implies, but there are different energy characteristics along the Cannabis sativa to Cannabis indica continuum. One of the best aspects of the rapid spread of cannabis legalization underway is that the knowledge banks are receiving generous deposits these days […]

Cannabis Meditation: Intention and Focus

And human love will be seen at its height.    Live in fragments no longer. Only connect. — E.M. Forster    There can be a wide variety of cannabis meditation practices and detailed methods for spiritual awakening. In general, there are what are often described as emptiness or formless practices at one end of a […]