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Jason Silva: Cognitive Thrills Await Us.

Have you heard of Jason Silva yet? You have now and a lot of people not reading this will know about him before long. Jason is unusually bright and articulate. He definitely has the gift of the gab. He makes intelligent and entertaining youtube videos in which he does rants on great topics, a number of them on the entheogens, including the one I’m giving you this link for called “Cognitive Thrills Await Us As Our Relationship With Marijuana Shifts“. I believe his videos are called “Shots of Awe.” Along with the rapid-fire eloquence, Jason includes a lot of interesting visual imagery to accompany the monologues. Very engaging material.

Here are a few quotes from this short (2 min and 30 sec) youtube video:

“We are definitely witnessing a phase change, a turning point in America’s relationship with Cannabis. That’s right, the marijuana plant, a sacrament that’s been used for thousands of years for promoting healing, for promoting transformation, for promoting spirituality, and every day we’re learning a host of new benefits that are associated with the plant.”

” . . . as a sacred sacrament this raises the issue of cognitive liberty, the fact that as adults, if we’re not hurting anybody else, we should have the right to explore the contours of our own consciousness without any mediation of legislation on the part of somebody else.”

“I think we’re going to see a transformation of consciousness.”

“Marijuana is extraordinarily sensitive to initial rhetorical conditions, what Timothy Leary used to describe as “set and setting”, so by changing the context, by changing the culture in which people partake in this visionary herb, you’re changing the very nature of the medicine’s effects.”

“Cognitive thrills await us that we cannot even imagine.”

We’re planning to show two or three of Jason’s brilliant rants as changes of pace at the 2015 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC) in Vancouver BC, Canada, Oct. 24 and 25. Please join us, we’re helping build the foundations for “best practice” with the entheogens in the context of a larger vision for individual and collective consciousness transformation.

NB: The featured art work for this post is by Martin W. Ball. Martin does beautiful and symbolically rich fractal art, in which he layers several fractal images together. A lot more of his gorgeous fractal images can be viewed on his Facebook page under photos/albums/The Fractal Imagination. Click here to go straight to the collection.

Along with his fractal art, Martin is also a fine musician with a number of recordings and an author of several books, mainly on entheogenic medicines. He’s also an excellent (and provocative) conference presenter and will be speaking at the SPMC mentioned in the previous paragraph. His bio can be seen under Guides and Visionaries 2015 on the conference website and there should be a new post on Martin with a synopsis of his talk under Blog on the website by the middle of June or sooner.

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