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Cannabis Overdose?

Note: This post, "Cannabis Overdose?" is a follow-up from a related…
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Riding an Exquisite Creature

I'm riding an exquisite creature, an incredibly complex, intelligent…
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Reflections on the "Therapeutic" Qualities of Cannabis

Reflections on the "Therapeutic" Qualities of Cannabis started…
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The Secret to Optimal Cannabis Dosage

The secret to optimal cannabis dosage for spiritual work is…
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Jason Silva: Cognitive Thrills Await Us.

Have you heard of Jason Silva yet? You have now and a lot of…
cannabinoids: regulators of cells and society

Cannabinoids: Regulators of Cells and Society

Cannabinoids: Regulators of Cells and Society is my ad hoc title…
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Ganja Yoga with Dee Dussault

Dee Dussault is a pioneer of Ganja Yoga. She has been practicing…
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Wanting Takes Me Away: Cannabis and Transmuting Energies

Wanting takes me away, keeps me away, bars the gates, shores…
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Regular Use of Marijuana in Spiritual Practice - Joan Bello

This essay, Regular Use of Marijuana in Spiritual Practice, arrives…
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Psychedelic Prohibition: Help End It - Mark Haden

The suggestions in this post were written and compiled by Mark…
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Is Cannabis Addictive?

Is Cannabis addictive? The short and not fully instructive answer…

Cannabis and the Universal Spirit of Love - Floyd Salas

  "Cannabis and the Universal Spirit of Love" is an appropriate…